“Murrah” breed is also known as “Delhi”, “Kundi” and “Kali”. The breeding tract of “Murrah” includes Hisar, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Jind district of Haryana and Delhi.  However, true Murrah buffaloes are also found in Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh. Moreover the breed is used for upgrading non-descript buffaloes in many parts of India and has even formed an important place in the livestock industry of many developing countries like Bulgaria, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and Sri Lanka. The breed has a massive body, long head and neck, short and tightly coiled horn, well developed udder and broad hips. Usually the buffaloes of this breed are jet black in colour with occasional white marking on switch of tail. The buffaloes are reared in mixed type of housing with provision of shed during weather extremes. Animals are mostly stall fed with available seasonal green fodder. The milk yield of the breed ranges from 1003 to 2057 kilo grams per lactation with 6.9 to 8.3 % fat with an average of 1752 Kg per lactation and 7.3% fat. The males are powerful drought animals though slow.

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Animal Breeding Group, NDDB