04. NABARD warehousing Scheme (NWS), NABARD

NABARD Warehousing Scheme (NWS) 2013- 14

Consequent upon the announcement of an allocation of  5000 crore to NABARD in the budget for 2013- 14, for supporting creation of infrastructure for storage of agricultural commodities, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued guidelines for creation of Warehouse Infrastructure Fund (WIF) in NABARD. With a view to operationalising WIF, NABARD has formulated a scheme viz., NABARD Warehousing Scheme 2013- 14 (NWS), which envisages extension of loans to Public and Private Sectors for construction of warehouses, silos, cold storages and other cold chain infrastructure. The Scheme has been approved by Government of India (Copy enclosed as Appendix).


Funds under this scheme would be utilized for meeting the growing demand for storage capacity for agricultural commodities in the entire country and also in the wake of enactment of National Food Security Act 2013. Priority will be given for the projects proposed in Eastern & North Eastern and food grain deficit states

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