What They Mean for Local Businesses Jewelry Retouching Service

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What They Mean for Local Businesses Jewelry Retouching Service

Did Google no longer want to explain things to brands or could they no longer ? In 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai began publicly commenting on Google's foray into artificial intelligence. Bob Griffin, CEO of Ayasdi, wrote recently that Pichai made it clear that there should be no abdication of responsibility associated with smart technologies. In other words, there should be no excuses like “The machine did x”. Griffin said it clearly: Understanding what the machine does is essential. Transparency is knowing what algorithm was used, what parameters were used in the algorithm, and even why.

Justification is an understanding of what she did, and why in a way that you can explain to a reporter, shareholder, congressional committee, or regulator. The difference is significant and goes beyond a vague promise of explainable AI. But Google's own search engineers were apparently unable to explain how their own search engine works. This gap had become so severe that at the end of 2017, Google hired longtime SEO journalist jewelry retouching jervice Danny Sullivan in an effort to restore its image of transparency. But why move away from transparency in the first place? Could it be that the move to artificial intelligence – something that has gone over the heads of the most seasoned digital marketing executives – was the perfect cover? Did Google just throw its proverbial hands up in the air and say, "It's too hard to explain.

Google just caught up in the transition to AI, trying to find a way to explain things like Matt Cutts did? Regardless of hiring Sullivan, the real revenue generators meant it wasn't a top priority. Google had solved some of the toughest technical problems in history, and they could easily have tried to define these new technical challenges for brands, but that just wasn't their goal. And, unsurprisingly, after a few years of silence, most of SEO's old guard had accepted that the tap of real transparent communication with Google was off, never to return. Everyone is an expert in artificial intelligence The backgrounds of most SEO experts don't lend themselves very well to understanding this new type of Google search. Why? Most SEO professionals and digital marketing consultants have a marketing background,