10. Biogas Power (Off-grid) Programme, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Distributed/decentralized renewable power projects using wind energy, biomass energy, hydro power and hybrid systems are being established in the country to meet the energy requirements of isolated communities and areas which are not likely to be electrified in near future.

Off-grid Renewable Energy / Power:

  • Biomass based heat and power projects and industrial waste to-energy projects for meeting captive needs
  • Biomass gasifiers for rural and industrial energy applications
  • Watermills/micro hydro projects – for meeting electricity requirement of remote villages
  • Small Wind Energy & Hybrid Systems - for mechanical and electrical applications, mainly where grid electricity is not available.
  • Solar PV  Roof-top Systems for abatement of diesel for power generation in urban areas

 The main objectives of the programme are: supporting RD&D to make such systems more reliable and cost-effective, demonstration, field testing, strengthening manufacturing base.

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