Also known as “Etawah”, Bhadawari is a dual type buffalo breed of central and northern India. Bhind and Morena districts of Madhya Pradesh and Agra and Etawah districts of Uttar Pradesh form its breeding tract.  This tract is a part of former Bhadawar state, from which the name of the breed is derived. Bhadawari buffaloes are found in the ravines of Yamuna, Chambal and Utangan rivers spread over in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The breeding areas are Bah tehsil of Agra; Chakarnagar and Barhpura blocks of Etawah; Ambah and Porsa tehsils of Morena; and Mahangaon tehsil of Bhind district. They are blackish copper to light copper coloured with wheat straw-like colour over the legs. Two white lines, “Chevron”, called as “Kanthy” in local language, are present on lower side of the neck. Horns are black curling slightly outward and downward before running parallel backward near neck and finally turning upward. The animals of this breed are famous for their efficient ability to utilize low quality coarse fodder available in the area. Though the total lactation yield is lower, fat content in the milk has been recorded as high as 13%. Average milk yield of the breed is 1294 Kg per lactation with an average fat % of 7.88 (Yield ranging between 540-1400 Kg per lactation and fat % from 6 to 12.8).

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Compiled by Animal Breeding Group, NDDB from Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS)- developed at National Bureau of Animal genetic Resources, Karnal, Hariana,  India.