External Parasites



Remedies / Plant name (Hindi name in brackets)

Portion used and preparation mode

Dose and amount


Mange Infestation

Cassia alata (Dadmurdan)

Grind a handful of fresh/air dried leaves to make a paste with water or lemon juice

Apply on the infected skin daily using a brush or coconut husk till the infection has been cured.


External parasites

(1) Custard Apple (Sitaphal)

Seed and leaf extract diluted up to 50% in oil base in any cheap vegetable oil.

Apply over the body for 5 days, twice a day.



(2) Neem

Leaf pulp

Apply over the body



(3) Custard apple, Neem & Tobacco leaves

Custard apple seeds-  1 part;Neem seeds-1 part tobacco leaves–1/5th part. Make paste and allow to soak in 2 litres of water.

Apply over the body.