NDDB Dairy Excellence Awards (Management Excellence & Gender Inclusion)


India is self-sufficient in milk and continues to be world’s largest milk producing country, with 18% share in world’s milk production in 2015-16.  Dairying in India is more about livelihoods to millions of small and marginal farmers and landless labourers.  Hence, providing a remunerative market to them throughout the year is a big challenge.  The Milk Cooperatives in India play an important role in providing a long term livelihood opportunity to such farmers, thereby promoting rural development.  The Milk Cooperatives pass on the maximum share of sales realisation to milk producers (75% of consumer rupee earned) and at the same time make available safe milk to the consumers at an affordable price.  There are more than 200 district cooperative milk unions in India, covering about 1.7 lakh villages, reaching out to 15.8 million milk producers of which 4.8 million are women members.  The dairy cooperative institutional network covers about one-fifth of the villages & producers and account for about 16% of the marketable surplus and about 10% of the production.  Hence there is sufficient scope for dairy cooperatives to enhance their coverage.  During last decades, milk procurement and marketing by Milk Cooperatives have grown at 7% p.a. respectively.

Producer Companies, another form of collective business enterprise owned & controlled by producer members - are also evolving.  A Producer Company combines the institutional and ideological strengths of cooperatives with the flexibility and autonomy available under company law.  

Post liberalization, private sector has been rapidly expanding their operations into the dairy business and has created organized milk procurement system like dairy co-operatives.  Now, it is estimated that private players are having equal market share of cooperatives with larger focus on value added products.  While the private sector is increasing their share, it is important in the interest of Milk Cooperatives to increase their share of the milk handled (currently 50%) by the organised sector.

In order to recognize the efforts of producer owned & controlled organisations which demonstrate best practice in the area of management excellence, value to farmers and social & gender inclusion, NDDB has constituted “NDDB – Dairy Excellence Award”.  This award will encourage organisation to learn & adopt the best practices in the dairy industry.  Along with financial, technical and institutional support, it is essential that producer owned & controlled organisations be motivated and inspired to continue to contribute to the socio-economic development of local communities, with increased vigour, and uphold the core principles and values of cooperatives. 

The NDDB – Dairy Excellence Award - 2016 will be conferred on two Milk Cooperatives/Producer Companies under following three categories:

In the current edition, one more segment of regional level (i.e. North, South, East & West) awards is constituted.  One eligible organisation in each of the three categories in each region will be awarded.  The organisation qualified at national level will not be eligible for regional level awards.

Special Awards:

There are inter-regional imbalances in the country, which is also quite evident in the progress of Milk Cooperatives across the country.  Therefore, in order to appreciate the efforts of Milk Cooperatives in North-Eastern part of the country, one special award will be conferred to the eligible organisation under this category of award.

The importance of women in dairying goes without saying.  In most parts of the country it is women who take care of, feed and milk the animals, though their participation in the management of cooperatives has been low. 

In order to encourage and recognise the role of women in dairying and to increase their participation as members & leaders in Milk Cooperatives and to ensure their financial inclusion, two special category of awards will be conferred on the organisations with highest number of organized Women DCS and highest number of functional women members.  One organization will receive the special award for gender inclusion efforts made by them in each of the two categories mentioned above.

The award would set a benchmark and help the organisations to adopt best practices and would encourage them to come up with innovative ways to expand their business operations, bringing in improved transparency & efficiency, and also ensuring social, financial and gender inclusion.

Eligibility Criteria:

The participating organisation necessarily has to be:

  • Milk producers’ owned and controlled district/tehsil level institution,
  • Operational for more than 5 years and
  • Continuously in profit for last 3 years.

Category of Awards:

National Level Winner: 

Regional Level Winner:

(Organisation which will receive award at national level will not be eligible for the award at regional level)

Special Awards

“To participate, please fill up the questionnaire as provided at the link and send us the soft copy through email at nddbaward@nddb.coop latest by 4 August, 2017. "

Note : In case of any clarification, please feel free to contact Shri Rajesh Gupta, Senior Manager (CS) email:rajgupta@nddb.coop; or Shri Pramod Menon, Senior Manager (FPS-Planning) email: pnmenon@nddb.coop.