Illness identification based on cow dung

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Illness identification based on cow dung

From Abhishek Patel, 2018-06-18 11:25:58 +0530:

I want to know the possible reasons behind cow hard dung. I know one of the reason is that if cow drinks less water then she will excrete hard dung but I want to know other reasons.

Abhishek Patel,

Illness identification based on cow dung:Reply

Dear Mr.Patel,

Thank you for your e-mail. As you rightly pointed out, one of the main reasons for hard dung is reduction in water intake. The cow should be provided cool and clean drinking water 24 x 7. Other reasons for hard dung could be  milk fever, ketosis or when excess fibre is fed. For further details  that would give a fair idea on Animal Health, Feeding and Management practices visit the following link: and


Dr A V Hari Kumar

Sr.Manager(Animal Health)

NDDB, Anand



Abhishek Patel
THANK YOU sir for your kind

THANK YOU sir for your kind reply. I have gone through link posted by you and it also helps me to increase my knowledge.

Informative post

Cow dung harbours a rich microbial diversity, containing different species of bacteria (Bacillus spp., Corynebacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp.)

Cow dung, an excreta of

Cow dung, an excreta of bovine animal, is a cheap and easily available bioresource on our planet. Many traditional uses of cow dung such as burning as fuel, mosquito repellent and as cleansing agent are already known in India. Cow dung harbours a diverse group of microorganisms that may be beneficial to humans due to their ability to produce a range of metabolites. Along with the production of novel chemicals, many cow dung microorganisms have shown natural ability to increase soil fertility through phosphate solubilisation. shareit

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