Key Points before buying land for Dairy Farming

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Arjun The Naturalist
Key Points before buying land for Dairy Farming

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Arjun!

I am new to this portal, found out that this portal has great information, thanks to the admin and the entire team. 

I am planning to buy around 3 acres of Land to take up dairy farming, and had few questions in mind. I am sorry if my questions turn out to be silly, buy I am a lay man when it comes to dairy farming.

1. Key points before buying land? Ex: Close proximity to a metro city etc

2. What should be the minimum level of ground water availbilty?

3. Where can i buy best native and cross breed cows near bangalore? 


Thank you all in advance



Karnataka does not have any

Karnataka does not have any tract for any of the indigenous milch purpose breeds of cattle. However, if the famous draught purpose breeds of Amrit Mahal and Hallikar are required, one may visit the markets in Tumkur, Hassan etc,. These are not good milk yielders. People from Karnataka go to Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan to buy indigenous milch purpose breeds of cattle like Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi etc, and get them artificially inseminated for furthering their generation.

For crossbreds (which are very high in exotic inheritance) one would visit Chikkaballapura, Shidlaghatta, Chintamani, Doddaballapura, Anekal of Karnataka and Hosur, Krishnagiri area of Tamilnadu (which are close to Bengaluru).


importants points before stating dairy farming.

If you want to start a business in Dairy Farming then before buying land for dairy farming noticed these major facts.1. you consults with experts of dairy farming. 2.You can Develop best business plan. 3. Find proper place to start dairy farming. 4. you can create cropping and feeding program. 5. Create Waste management plan. 6. You can manage all things properly. 

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yes I agree with the points

yes I agree with the points shared by @rajwantsingh1.

Guidence on Project for Cattle Rearing

R/ Sir, 

i am planning to setup a Farm for Non Milking Animals , i want  a detials Guidlines on this type of Farm.


Reg: Land available for Lease for dairy farm

please contact me if you are looking for land to start a dairy farm.

Tell us how is your startup

Tell us how is your startup going?  
Have you made a business plan? 
Have you already had experience working with animals?
Please share your experience... 

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