Milk Fat & SNF

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Milk Fat & SNF


How we can increase Milk Fat & SNF in lactating Cows naturally?


Fat and SNF content in milk

Fat and SNF content in milk of lactating cows depends upon breed of animal and can be maintained by balanced feeding (dry fodder, green fodder, compound cattle feed or concentrates and mineral mixtures) to meet its requirements.



For milk SNF

Please read

"Impact of balanced feeding on the solids-not fat content of milk"


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I can understand your question to increase the Milk Fat and SNF in lactating cows. Let me help you with few tips which will help you to know about the factors of increasing the Fat and SNF in them.  Fat and SNF % CANNOT be increased in milk from an animal, if it is being fed adequately and properly. Period. However, milk marketers do this on a day-to-day basis by adding butter or skim milk powder in water or fresh milk, which is actually “reconstituted” milk. Every animal has its innate quality in terms of genetic potential for example if it is 4% milk fat and 8% milk solids not fat (SNF). For every 880 grams of water, the cow requires 40 grams of milk fat and 80 grams of milk solids not fat to manufacture 1000 grams of milk. Hence, in the event of a short-fall in anyone, even water, there will be a reduction in total quantity of milk secreted rather than lower fat and snf. And if it all there is, it will be very marginal. The milk yield and fat percentage is based on genetic potential of a buffalo or a cow. You cannot increase the milk yield beyond it’s genetic potential. But most dairy farmers in India, do not even get the actual potential milk yield from their dairy animals. The primary reason for this malnutrition as well as the dairy cattle are put into various stress factors. So the easiest way to increase the milk yield to address the nutritional requirements as well as address the stress factors.

cow milk Fat and SNF

Farm fresh cow’s milk that is packed with REAL nourishment, suitable for the entire family.

Pasteurized Premium Cow’s Milk Min. FAT – 3.5% and Min. SNF – 8.5%

For SNF please do read
Provide 4 kgs of concentrate

Provide 4 kgs of concentrate feed – increase this quantity for high milkers.

Provide 50 grams mineral mixture – this is very important.

Provide 30 liters of hygienic/clean water.

Water requirement

Water requirement for cow is approximately 30/ 40 ltr for Milk Production and same amount for Maintenance and digestion.

So total water requirement is about 60 to 80 ltr per day per cow or more (depending on milk production and summer).   

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