Pashu Poshan (Ration Balancer)

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Pashu Poshan (Ration Balancer)

NDDB has developed an android based ration balancer software that can be used on phones as well as tablets.    

Pashu Poshan app
NDDB has developed an android based software that can be used on phones as well as tablets. With the help of this software balanced ration is formulated while optimizing the cost considering animal profile, i.e. cattle or buffalo, age, milk production, milk fat, and feeding regime etc. and milk producers are advised to adjust the quantity of locally available feed ingredients offered to their animals along with mineral mixture.

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Purity of feed ingredients

Dear Sir,

Recently we are receiving Decorticated Cotton Seed Extraction which is with high protein, high oil and low fiber. This all material is coming from other countries which is imported by indian traders.  

It is well known that our country is the second largest producer of Cotton after China.

Though, we could not procure the post harvest product from our country as cheaper as foreign countries.

Or the product we are receiving is something-else which simply satisfies  our requisite paramaters.

Requested to help me.   

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