rBGH (Free) milk

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rBGH (Free) milk

Do we have any regulations in the country for using rBST? Any specificties in the law for declaring rBGH or rBGH free milk on the top of the consumer packet/pouch?

Declaration on milk pack about rBGH

Dear Sh PM Patel,

The present  Food Safety and Standards ( Packing & Labelling) Regulations, 2011, under the FSSA 2006;  do not specifically  specify that the consumer pack/pouch should have declaration  about milk being free from rBGH. 


Sweet Curdling in UHT milk

How can the sweet curdling ( Enzymatic  reaction) be prevented in UHT treated milk during long storage at ambient condition (25 - 35°C) ?

Is there any test to confirm the enzymatic curdling in UHT treated Milk?

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