Amritmahal is also known as “Doddadana”, “Jawari Dana” and “Number Dana”. “Amrit” means milk and “Mahal” means house. The breeding tract includes Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Hassan, Shimoga, Tumkur and Davanagere districts of Karnataka. Amritmahal was developed from a herd established by the ruler of Mysore state between 1572 and 1636 A D   and was developed from draught breed of southern India with an objective to increase the milk productivity. The breed is usually Grey in colour but the colour varies from white to almost black. White grey markings are present on face and dewlap in some animals. Dark shades on neck, shoulder, hump and hindquarters. Head is long and tapers towards muzzle. Horns are long and emerge from the top of the poll, fairly close together in backward and upward direction, turn in and end in sharp black points - sometime touching each other. This is a famous draught breed known for its power and endurance and animals are fiery and active. Bullocks are especially suited for trotting and quick transportation. Cows are very poor milkers. Average milk yield per lactation is 572 kg.

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