Animal Breeding Group, NDDB

Binjharpuri, also known as “Deshi”, is a breed of cattle found in Jajpur, Kendrapara and Bhadrak districts of Odisha, maintained for milk, draught and manure. Animals are medium sized, strong and chiefly white in colour. Some animals are Grey, Black or Brown. In males, the hump, neck and some regions of face and back are black in colour irrespective of their coat color. Horns are medium in size and curved upward and inward. The milk yield per lactation ranges from 915-1350 kg with milk fat ranging from 4.3-4.4%.

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Compiled by Animal Breeding Group, NDDB from Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS)- developed at National Bureau of Animal genetic Resources, Karnal, Hariana,  India.