Body Condition Scoring

Body  scoring is very important in assessing  the health  status  of an animal. A  low  score  may  indicate  diseases  or  improper  feeding  while  a  high  score  may  indicate  a high probability of breeding and metabolic problems.


  • Extremely  thin.  No  fat  in  brisket  or tail docks.
  • All skeletal structures  are visible.
  • Dull hair
  • May  be  diseased  and  survival during stress is doubtful



  • Thin.  Vertebrae,  hips  and  pin  bone prominent.
  • Some  tissue  cover  around  tail dock, hip bones and the flank.
  • Muscle  tissue  evident  but  not abundant, health may be OK.



  • Ribcage  only slightly visible.
  • Fat  deposit  behind  shoulder obvious, ideal condition for calving.
  • Fat deposit in brisket area.
  • Hook  and  pin  bone  visible,  but  not prominent.



  • Skeletal  structure  difficult  to identify.
  • Obvious  fat  deposits  behind shoulder and tail head.
  • Flat appearance to the top line.
  • Folds  of  fat  starting  to  develop over ribs and thighs.



  • Animal  is  obese,  flat  appearance dominates.
  • Brisket  is  heavy  and  bone structure not noticeable.
  • Tail head and hip bones completely buried in folds of fat.
  • Back  is  flat  and  completely covered by fat.
  • Mobility  impaired  by  large  fat deposits.

                                          Body scoring would be a helpful yardstick to monitor health