Changing Scenario of Bovine Semen Production in India

With a total milk production of 146.3 million tonnes in the year 2014-15, India continues to be the highest milk producer in the world since 1997. This significantly improved the per capita availability of milk to 322 gm per day during 2014-15 from 130 gm per day in 1950-51 (DADF website, http:// as on August, 2016). India also possesses the largest bovine population in the world consisting of 190.9 million cattle and 108.7 million buffaloes (19th Livestock Census-2012). For More details,  please browse "Changing Scenario of Bovine Semen Production in India" by Dilip Rath, R Kasiraj & M.U Siddiqui at the following link :