These dwarf cattle are used for draught purpose in hilly and undulated terrain and the breed is named after local area "Motu" of Malkangiri district in Orissa. Their breeding tract comprises southern part of Malkangiri district and adjoining area of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Heavy concentration of animals is found in Motu, Kalimela, Podia and Malkangiri areas of Malkangiri district in Orissa. Sandy and clay type soil is predominant in this area.. Coat colour is mainly brown (reddish) and sometimes grey. Few animals are white in colour. Animals of this breed are mostly polled and horns whenever present emerge straight and upward and end with rounded tip. Though the breed is small sized they are strong in built. The milk yield is meagre and ranges from 100 to 140 Kg in a lactation with 4.8 to 5.3% fat.

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Compiled by Animal Breeding Group, NDDB from Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS)- developed at National Bureau of Animal genetic Resources, Karnal, Hariana,  India.