The theme of information in this issue is Codex Guidelines on Food Hygiene-II. this is taken from the series TEchNEws published by NDDB. The detailed article can be found here.  technews_36.pdf


No doubt, you have really

No doubt, you have really shared some facts in your article related to hygienic food and this is also the fact that if you want to get fitness than hygienic and perfect diet is necessary. Our new generation never recommend our old foods, diets as well as herbs for eating. While fruits and vegetables contain many healthy ingredients, which can even cure diseases. But only in small quantities. Does vegetables damage the environment? Yes and no, says a new study from the US. In their Meta study, the researchers compared the consumption of resources and the release of greenhouse gases from fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and sea fish. These are the alternative to a typical American meat-fueled diet, according to a recommendation from the US Department of Agriculture ( USDA ). In the current age, our old Desi herbal products are also working but slowly. So, we should not forget our ancestors research. Anyways, appreciative efforts that you have put to make and share this article with us. Thanks for it.