Bihar Agricultural University

Bihar Agricultural University is a pillar of education and research in the field of agriculture.

The mandate of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour would include the following objectives:

  • To impart education in different disciplines of agriculture and its allied disciplines.
  • To undertake strategic and applied research for development of agricultural technology.
  • To under take extension education programme in the State of Bihar, by planning and organising different programmes of human resource capability in agriculture and related domains.
  • To help State Government in production and supply of breeder seeds for multiplication of foundation and certified seeds.
  • To serve as a repository of national and international scientific information on various aspects of agricultural and animal production.
  • To collaborate with relevant national and international agencies for all round development of agriculture in the State, in particular and the country as a whole; and also to undertake such other activities, as it may deem fit, from time-to- tim