Gir is one of the best milkers among indigenous cattle. The breed is also known as “Bhodali”, “Desan”, “Gujarati”, “Kathiawari”, “Sorthi”, and “Surati”.  The breeding tract of the breed includes Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagadh and Rajkot districts of Gujarat and is named after the Gir forest, the geographical area of origin of the breed.  Bullocks can drag heavy loads on all kinds of soils, be it sandy, black or rocky.This is a world-renowned breed known for its tolerance to stress conditions. Having faced scarcity for a numbers of years, it has the capacity for yielding more milk with less feeding and is resistant to various tropical diseases. Due to their special qualiities, animals of this breed have been imported by countries like Brazil, USA, Venezuela and Mexico, and are being bred there successfully. The animals are of red colour. Many animals have white spots. Variants with different sheds of red are also available. The animals have typically dome shaped fore head and long ears. Reported Average Milk production is 2110 lit per lactation.  Animals with as high as 5000 litre can also be found in organized farms.

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Animal Breeding Group, NDDB