ICAR Challenge Award 2014

To find a solution for any immediate or long-standing problem, or limitation in agriculture, which is coming in the way of agricultural development and/ or enhancing productivity in any major agricultural, horticultural or animal/fish product, ICAR has instituted a Challenge Award. The award carries a cash prize of 10.00 lakh, a citation, in addition to a share in the income generated by ICAR from the commercialization of the technology/ product/ process developed by the scientist while solving any of the given challenges as per ICAR rules and norms. The list of “Challenges” can be obtained either from the Award Cell of ICAR or can be down loaded from ICAR website.  Any scientist or group of scientists may, at any time, file a claim of having solved any one of the listed “challenges”.


  • Eradication of bacterial blight in Pomegranate.
  • Development a sugarcane variety fully resistant to red rot.
  • Developing a variety of pulse crop, fully resistant to pod borer
  • RNA interference (RNAi) based cure for foot and mouth diseases (FMD).
  • Nano particle based prophylactic for avian influenza (Al) in poultry.
  • Development of yellow rust resistant (including ug 99) wheat.
  • Dev of HYV rice (>5 ton /ha) in conditions of low light intensity in the Eastern region.

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