planning to start new dairy plant

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planning to start new dairy plant

Hello All,


My name is shashank and i am from hyderabad (Telangana), I am planning to start the dairy unit using the DEDS scheme implemented by the government. I am a new bee in this field I don't have any idea about the dairy unit.


Please guide me in starting the unit. I have the infrastructure for the dairy farm.




My friend is also planning to

My friend is also planning to start a new dairy plant that is why I am here. I found this forum a good one to understand and discuss everything. He was working in a company of kochi airport taxi and now resigned from that company. I found a information that we need to take license from FSSAI. I don't know it is true. Anyway I am also seeking for new information from others. And I would like to say all the best to you also.

Planning on starting new dairy plant

Dear sir

I am planning on opening a new dairy farm in ranchi, with 10 to 15 Jersy cows. Kindly provide me the address of a reliable source where i can purchase cows from. And also provide the tentative amount that will be required to set up the farm. I have got sufficient land to accommodate the cows. What is the average rate of a Jersy cow in Ranchi?

Thanks for anticipation.


Start a New Dairy Plant

Setting up dairy farming commercial enterprise in India is not so easy. you need to go through several crucial steps for putting in dairy farming in India. recall the following tips whilst beginning dairy farming enterprise in India. first of all, you need to determine the aim and objective of your farm (includes housing, feeding, breeding, variety of animals to be maintained etc.try to visit some business dairy farms. speak with the experienced farm owners about his dairy farming device and secrets and techniques. try to go to as a great deal farms as possible. this can help you to research various farming structures and extremely develop your expertise.whilst touring numerous farms, strive to research their every event deeply.visit your nearest dairy farms and discuss about the possibilities of dairy farming in your location.if your plan is to maintain the farm by using your very own, then attempt to paintings for an present farm for as a minimum six months.Be aware of the availability of food and its charges. you furthermore might must stock food for damaging need to employ hardworking labor with a few sensible revel in. In a few cases you could also teach them for particular dairy farm jobs.go to your nearest marketplace from time to time and take a look at the price and call for of live animals and dairy products. maintaining excellent relation with market help you for buying proper value of your merchandise and shopping essential commodities.

And lastly, attempt to examine increasingly more approximately dairy farming in India. examine a plenty of books, visit several farms, acquire experience, make right marketing strategy and subsequently do it.


there are various local Indian and rather efficient foreign breeds to be had. you may pick out any of them. you could boost both cows and buffaloes together in separate rows beneath identical shed. Cow’s milk is decrease in fats than buffaloes milk. visit the market and try and recognize which product has high demand. For profitable industrial dairy production Murrah, Surti, Mehasani, Jaffrabadi, Badhawari etc. are common and famous buffalo milch breeds. Gir, Sahiwal, purple Sindhi, Tharparkar are popular cow breed. you can additionally go with incredibly productive overseas breeds like Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss, Jersey and so on. All the ones breeds are appropriate for farming within the Indian climate. usually maintain in thoughts the market at the same time as selecting breeds to your dairy farming business. 


precise housing play an crucial role for preserving the animal wholesome, diseases unfastened and productive. for correct production you should give your animal required area in the residence. generally forty rectangular toes inside shed and eighty square feet open space is required according to animal. In small scale manufacturing for 20 animals, you need to make sure availability of 3000 square toes land vicinity. For medium scale producers with a hundred animals, 13,000 to fifteen,000 square feet space is required. but, make sure availability of all kinds of crucial centers inside the house. important facilities includes right air flow, sufficient glide of fresh and clean air, enough space and many others. 


Feeding good and high first-rate nutritious meals ensure proper growth and right health of the animals. So, always try to feed them sufficient quantity of nutritious meals. try to add as a great deal green food as viable with their ordinary food. because, green meals facilitates the animal to provide extra milk and facilitates the producer to lessen feeding charges. If feasible, try to make a grazing place for your animals. together with nutritious meals, continually offer them sufficient amount of clean and sparkling water. Dairy animals need more water than different animals. usually, a milk generating animal want five liters of water for producing one liter milk. So, constantly serve them sufficient quantity of smooth and fresh water.dairy farming, dairy farming commercial enterprise, industrial dairy farming, commercial dairy farming commercial enterprise, dairy farming commercial enterprise in India, industrial dairy farming in India, dairy farming marketing strategy, dairy farming in India facts 


Taking exact care is the important thing to every livestock farming business. So, you furthermore mIght ought to take desirable care of your animals. try to maintain the animals loose from all kinds of cattle illnesses. Vaccinate them timely. offer them nutritious meals and clean water often. Make a inventory of vital medicines and other substances. 


advertising your products isn't always a problem in India. Dairy product has massive demand during the India. you may easily sell your products in nearly every places of our united states. So, don’t fear approximately advertising, simply take desirable care of your animals.


    Each enterprise has some troubles or difficulties. Dairy cow farming additionally has a few problems. the primary limitations and constraints of dairy farming in India are indexed underneath. High infrastructure and feeding fee is the primary constraint of dairy farming business.most of the farmers don’t extreme about the full expenditure and profit from this commercial enterprise. The don’t matter the fee of green meals which they grow with their crop.Breeding system of animal depends on different factors. it's far a biological phenomenon and getting anticipated milk production depends on proper breeding system. however maximum of our farmers are not aware of this due to lack of proper exposure and public declaration by using the authorities.In accordance with making exact business plan, dairy farming requires hardworking, proper care, good management and you need to be alert always. In our country, one of the family member deal with the animals. but for commercial reason, you need to employ numerous experienced people with excessive revenue.every enterprise go with a few extra advantages and issues. On a mean, commercial dairy farming in India is worthwhile. in case you want to start this enterprise, try and research more about it and go to as a whole lot farms as possible.

    want to get more knowledge about dairy farming startup checkout this:



    Why do you think foreign breeds are efficient? In fact Indian breeds are far better than foreign breeds.  Reasons:

    1. Quality milk (A2 milk)

    2. Better rate per liter of milk

    3. Low maintenance cost compared to foreign breeds.

    4. Life span is more, hence return per cow for its life time is much more.

    Please advise if there are better reasons to go with foreign breeds.



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    Hi Shiva,

    Hi Shiva,

    Agreed. Consumers of A2 milk is very less in the market. May be in coming years it will pick up.

    HF & Jersey cows are yields 12 -17 liters per day if u maintain & feed well you can get 20 liters max. Our Indian Cows yields max of 10 Liters average per day

    HF Cow Milk Marketing & Consumers are easy & High

    A2 milk shall be consumed by Middle class to upper middle class people.

    Retail Rate of HF Milk is 40 & A2 milk is 60

    Apart from above future will give you the better answer.




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    Dairy Farming

    Excellent Knowledge shared, it is very helpful for those who are planning to start dairy farm and also for those who want knowledge about farming.
    hi shashank did you start

    hi shashank did you start yours dairy iam also from hyderabad, i have extensively studied about dairy farm..iam looking for partner...if you are interested we can discuss further 





    Start a New Dairy Plant

    A dairy plant should be near to the farmers who have the cows .so that it is easy to consume milk from them, it reduces transportation time.

    planning to start new dairy plant

    If you want to start a new dairy plant, the select place nearby cattle farm.



    Research species and breed.

    Research species and breed. The most common dairy animals are cows, goats (good for a small farm), or water buffalo (in south Asia).

    Decide on a food source.

    Create a breeding plan.

    Study farming practices.

    Invest in capital.

    Find a good source for animals.

    Research the local milk market.

    Contact the government.

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    Milk Processing Unit

    Dear Experties,

    we want to start in Milk Processing unit 1000 litter  under FPO model pls guide the how to start machinary and we need any consultancy is there to guide in Hubbali dharwad karnataka.

    Please share the milk process layout.

    basic machinaries need.



    naran chavda
    What process for mahi milk collection unite in our city

    My self naran. I have 15 Buffalo ane produce approx. 140ltr milk per day. I am planing for mahi milk collection unite. So please guide for milk collection unite started and help me..

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