Chronic Mastitis

  • A persistent infection of udder.
  • Exists most of the time in the subclinical form.
  • Occasionally can develop into the clinical form before returning to the subclinical.
  • This results in hard lumps in the udder.



  • Neglected sub- clinical mastitis
  • Improper treatment protocol of acute mastitis
  • Unhygienic shed



  • The affected udder may atrophy   or   may  lead to fibrosis leading to decreased  or  total  loss of production in the affected quarter.
  • Chances  of    recovery of chronically affected quarters are very low once atrophy/fibrosis has occurred.


  • Separate the affected cow from rest of the herd since they remain a source of infection for healthy animals. Milk chronically affected cows in the end.
  • Screen regularly for sub clinical mastitis and treat positive animals.
  • Shed hygiene is of prime importance.



  • Antimicrobial treatment is usually not effective.
  • It is better to dispose off such chronically affected animals.


                                        Avoid occurrence of chronic mastitis through timely action