The breeding tract of Dangi breed includes the Dangs district of Gujarat and Thane, Nasik, Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra. Dangi breed is also known as “Kandadi”. Dangi cattle are extensively used for ploughing, harrowing and other field operations, and for carting timber from forest area. The breed is well known for its excellent working qualities in heavy rainfall areas, rice fields and hilly tracts. The animals are adapted to heavy rainfall conditions. The skin exudes an oily secretion, which protects them from heavy rain. Dangi cattle have distinct white coat colour with red or black spots distributed unevenly over the body. Horns are short and thick with lateral pointing tips. Animals with inward pointing horns or  downward pointing horn tips are also available in sizable numbers. The head is usually small with a slightly protruding forehead. Average milk yield per lactation is 430 kilo grams with an average milk fat of 4.3%. The lactation milk yield ranges from 175 to 800 kg.

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Compiled by Animal Breeding Group, NDDB from Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS)- developed at National Bureau of Animal genetic Resources, Karnal, Hariana,  India.