• Commonly seen in mature dairy cows during peak lactation, often a herd issue.
  • Higher concentrate/protein, low forage, mastitis, metritis , acidosis  etc predispose.
  • Occurs in sub-clinical, acute and chronic form.
  • Rough irregular flooring , lack  of enough lying space also predispose to the disease.



  • Provide soft flooring.
  • Provide balanced  feed which includes sufficient forage.
  • Practice foot bath using 5% copper sulphate for 2-4 days continuously every fortnight.
  • Arrange for regular hoof trimming at least once in 6 months.
  • Adequate lying space should be provided to avoid excessive standing.
  • Check hoofs regularly for any injury and signs of laminitis.

                                                 Hoof care is essential especially in high yielders