Theileriosis (a protozoan disease)

  • Young exotic and crossbred cattle are highly susceptible. Indian breeds of cattle (Zebu) are comparatively resistant.
  • Buffaloes are also infected but symptoms are mild.
  • Fever, swollen peripheral lymph nodes, pallour of mucous membranes, anaemia, nasal discharge, jaundice, salivation, rapid and shallow breathing , watery eyes etc are common symptoms.
  • Cattle lose condition rapidly.
  • Some animals show nervous signs characterized by stepping gait, head pressing, recumbency, unconsciousness and death.



  • Regular tick control is the most effective way to keep these infections in check (see chapter on tick control).
  • Seek veterinary treatment if above symptoms of any of the above diseases are seen, since treatment is most effective in the initial stages. Delays may result in death.
  • For control of theileriosis, vaccinate all exotic and crossbred animals aged 3 months and above, once in a lifetime .