FSSAI License for Dairy Farming unit

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FSSAI License for Dairy Farming unit

I am starting Dairy Farming unit with 30 HF Cows ,Milk plan to give to Amul

Whether any FSSAI license /Registration required by me

If not kindly provide some reference 



FSSAI License for Dairy Farming unit

It is applicable to all the people, who manufacture, store, distribute food. It is applicable to all small, medium and large operators.under the new regime, all the Food Business Operators (FBO) should get a license. However, Petty Food Manufacturer (FBOs having annual turnover less than Rs. 12 lakh or small scale manufacturers with capacity less than 100kg/day temporary vendors etc..) just need to register using the Form A provided in the schedule 2 of FSS licensing and registration regulations along with requested documents /Fee.

As per Food Safety and

As per Food Safety and Standard Act 2006, all the food business operators in India are required to obtain a Registration or License as appropriate from the FSSAI.

FSSAI License for Dairy Farming unit

Clause no 2.1.1 (Chapter 2 – Licensing and Registration of Food Business) specifies that “Provided that a producer of milk who is a registered member of a Dairy Cooperative Society registered under Cooperative Societies Act and supplies the entire milk to the society shall be exempted from the provision for registration.”

In view of the above provision and in our opinion, you do not require registration if you are a member of the Dairy Cooperative Society and sell your entire milk to the society. However in case you sell milk directly to customers other than Dairy Cooperative Society; then you are not exempted from the provision for registration and you need registration as a milk vendor.

extra knowledge need in fssai license and other licenses

sir i read ur comment which is really very important because i also starting my own dairy farming unit with 10 hf cow and m planning to supply whole milk to private dairy shop inplace of milk society. pls help  me i want to know that except fssai registration and license which other license i required for dairy farming. I m starting this project in jalgaon dist. maharashtra state. where m setuping animal pellet machine for my animals along with milk collection machine and bio gas generator and most important for animal shed m using bricks and  prillars and slap. pls help me sir. 

FSSAI License and Other License Required

Recently i started my dairy farming unit from last 8 months and supply to saras dairy in the Jaipur. Before Setup the dairy ask me about the FSSAI License Registration and other necessary documents like Company Registration Certificate, Company Bank Details, NOC and MSME Registration Certificate.

FSSAI Registration or License is depend on your operation area, because there are 3 type of the FSSAI Registration mainly -

1) FSSAI Basic Registration till the 12 lakh turnover

2) FSSAI State License till the 12 lakh to 20 Cr. Turnover

3) FSSAI Central License till the 20 Cr.

So i go with the basic registration in the starting which cost me around 3k from a online website myonlineca. apart from this i applied for the pvt ltd company registration. in that you got the certificate of incorporation so on that basis you can open a current bank account for the same.

even i applied for the MSME Registration because its required by all small business under the dairy products etc. on this basis you can apply the govt subsidy and bank loan.

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That's a good initiative by you! Congratulating for your idea and that sounds like a good question. For starting a Dairy Farm, you need to submit your proposal to the State Directorate of Animal husbandry and Veterinary Services and Amul. It is not mandatory to get an FSSAI license. Instead, Equip the outlet with deep freezers, refrigerators, chest milk coolers, ovens, dispensing machines, etc., The local Amul representative will be in a good position to help you on machines requires their capacity, type, etc, Equipping your outlet will cost you around ₹80,000 to ₹1,00,000.

FSSAI License for Dairy Farming unit

Standards are being maintained in the Dairy Industry, FSSAI has released an order on January 14, 2015. The order says that the licensing and registration process for the Dairy Industry under the FSS Act 2006 has been rationalized.  In the order, FSSAI says;  those small dairy business operators who work from fixed establishments like shops and those operating inside market ‘mandis’ from a designated spot or place will now have to obtain license/registration to carry out their dairy operations in these places. 


FSSAI license for Dairy

FSSAI license for Dairy Farming Unit is required: It is applicable to all the people, who manufacture, store, distribute food. It is applicable to all small, medium and large operators.under the new regime, all the Food Business Operators (FBO) should get a license.

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