Milk procurement

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Milk procurement

What is the procurement cost of raw milk on the basis of fat and SNF from the corporative society of Uttar Pradesh?

Milk Procurement Cost

Milk Procurement cost in Uttar Pradesh not good, farmers are not satisfied with the milk procurement prices.   Cow milk is around 22 Rs, and buffalo milk price is around 27Rs. 

Milk Procurement cost

As we know UttarPradesh is ranked 1st in highest mlk producing states of India. Milk procurement price offered by the village Dairy Coperatives are very low, mostly farmers are unhappy with the prices.  Cow milk is around 22 Rs, and buffalo milk price is around 27Rs. There are no transperncy in between farmers and dairycooperatives. Farmers have to push their dairy coperative to use automatic milk collection system for maintain transperency.

cow milk procurement

Milk companies consume milk directly from the cattle farm and they supply the milk to customers after pasteurization process.

nice post and thanks for

nice post and thanks for sharing

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