Early pregnancy kits for Bovines

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Early pregnancy kits for Bovines


An Early and accurate pregnancy diagnosis is a crucial point for enhancing reproductive efficiency of the bovines. High reproductive efficiency is a prerequisite for high total productive lifespan of the dairy animals. Early pregnancy diagnosis helps to shorten the inter-calving period thereby ensures increased production potential.


Presently,pregnancy diagnosis is taken up in the field condition by the  non return to heat basis and  by rectal palpation method at 60 days post insemination. In Non return to heat method the accuracy is not accurate and cannot be relied cent percent.In rectal palpation method at 60days though accuracy is more requires expertise .The other limitation in this method is the farmer has to wait for 60 days or even more  to get it conformed.

Farmers need to be conformed about the pregnancy status of their animals as early as possible to take the decision for breeding management which ensures increased productive lifespan.



Can we plan an effective intervention in bovine breeding by using commercially available early pregnancy diagnosis kits in field condition ?