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Feed Concentrate

Hello Sir,

What is the best Concentrate Feed that is Available in Market? What is the Price for the same?


Thank You

Re: Concentrate Feed

Dear Sir, 

If you are in Gujarat, please visit following link and contact:


You can choose "BIS type - I " concentrate feed.


Puneet Kanwar
Concentrate feed

which cattle feed is best for HF cow of 20+ ltr milk yield.

any idea about Cargill and Patanjali feed, which one is best

You can use BIS type I

You can use BIS type I compound cattle feed (22 % protein).

link for reading: http://www.dairyknowledge.in/sites/default/files/compound_cattle_feed-en...



You can use BIS type I

sir, only this bis type 1 is sufficient or we have to add any other things like cotton seed cake or tur chuni or maize flour? or all of these with consantration?
tondon sir I want to talk with you. in hindi or gujarati. plz. my cell no. 9904769497.

BIS Type I (22 % CP)

Yes only BIS type I (22 % CP) feed is sufficient for the animal. Plus Green fodder 15 to 20 kg, Dry fodder straw 4 kg.

However to lower your cost you can add few other concentrates like maize grain, Chunni, cake, etc. if available locally or home grown.  

Ready Feed concentrate is

Ready Feed concentrate is always cheaper compared to the concentrate mix that you will prepare using the raw materials. Having said this, the ready feed concentrate will not give you the same quality that your raw concentrate will provide.

I tried this first hand for a month & not a single distributor encouraged me to buy this. As always, the marketing campaigns win for the corporates.


Feed Concentration

Animal feed includes roughage and concentrates. Roughage is largely fibre whereas concentrates are low in fibre and contain relatively high levels of proteins and other nutrients.

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