Feed for HF and vaccinations to be given

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Feed for HF and vaccinations to be given

Dear Sirs,

I am planning to buy 4 HF cows whose milk yield is going to be around 40 liters per day per cow. All the cows are in second lactation. The weight of each cow is approximately 400-500 Kgs.

I am a software engineer by profession but I am planning to setup Dairy in my native hence require your guidance.

This dairy will be setup in Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka where the temperature during the summer reaches around 40 degree and is very very humid.

Can you please help me let me know what is the feed that I need to give the cows per day and in what quantity to maintain the milk yield quantity and cows good health. I would like to give best quality feed to my cows.

Also I would like to have guidance on where can I get the high quality Grade A Siemen (In Karnataka) for the artificial insemination to be done to the cow.

And what are the vaccinations to be given to the cows.

Requesting all the Dairy farming Guru's to help me succeed in my new venture.



Vimal Khare


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