Gir / Sahiwal cows availability

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Gir / Sahiwal cows availability



I am planning to start small(4 no.s ) cow farm(2 Gir and 2 Sahiwal). I am from Andhra Pradesh Kurnool distinct and here temparature goes around 46-47 in extreme summer. Will those breeds able to survive at my climate ?

Where i can find best breeds (without cross breed) ?  what is the best time to buy ? 

where can i get semen of A grade bulls of same breed? Are there any places where they store and sell  and what is cost and conception probability ?

What could be the approximate cost cows which gave 2 - 3 births ?

what is the best mode of transport(if i buy some where in Gujarath) to my hometown as the distance is around 1500 kms.

Any other suggestions.

Looking forward for your valuable suggestions or comments.