How can i cure surra disease in my cow

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How can i cure surra disease in my cow

From: Pk Sharmadps []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 11:07 AM
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Subject: How can i cure surra disease in my cow at any cost because I love my cow very much

I have a Shahiwal cow and she have newly born beautiful baby of 7 days. aSUDDENLY DR.TOLD ME THAT she is suffring from Surra disease. BEFORE TWO DAYS SHE ROTATE HER NACK and feel pain .SHE WAS eating small amount of grass and giving milk also. This behaviour was onlly two times in 12 hours She turn her nack in one side and attach with stomach.She has no fever. Can you tel me how can i cure this disease.

Dear Mr Sharma,

Dear Mr Sharma,

It would not be right on our part to provide treatment through e-mail without actually examining the animal. The local doctor would be the most competent person to do that. That said, we can provide some suggestions that may help the local doctor in furthering the treatment.

1.   Since it is mentioned that there is no fever and that the animal has calved recently, milk fever or acidosis may be ruled out.

2.   A blood picture in the laboratory(Differential count (DC), Haemoglobin % etc) would also give an indication of infection/general condition.

3.   Blood smear may be prepared to examine for trypanosomes (that causes Surra).

4.   Specific treatment may be resorted to by consulting the local veterinarian once a proper diagnosis is made.


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Let me explain about Surra. This Surra or Trypanosomiasis disease is an important disease caused by protozoans. The main methods of controlling surra have been chemotherapy and chemoprophylaxis in animals. Chemoprevention (also Chemoprophylaxis) refers to the administration of a medication for the purpose of preventing disease or infection.[1] Antibiotics, for example, may be administered to patients with disorders of immune system function to prevent bacterial infections (particularly opportunistic infection).[2] Antibiotics may also be administered to healthy individuals to limit the spread of an epidemic, or to patients who have repeated infections (such as urinary tract infections) to prevent recurrence. It may also refer to the administration of heparin to prevent deep venous thrombosis in hospitalized patients. Whereas, Importantly, the use of drugs (whether chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or targeted therapy) constitutes systemic therapy for cancer in that they are introduced into the bloodstream and are therefore in principle able to address cancer at any anatomic location in the body. Systemic therapy is often used in conjunction with other modalities that constitute local therapy (i.e. treatments whose efficacy is confined to the anatomic area where they are applied) for cancer such as radiation therapy, surgery or hyperthermia therapy. Calling the veterinarian immediately on seeing the symptoms will cure it earlier. 


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