Hydroponic Fodder fed to cows on a daily basis

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Hydroponic Fodder fed to cows on a daily basis

Hello Guys,


My dairy is almost setup, due to abundance of Green fodder throughout year, i am pondering upon to set up a hydroponic fodder plant in house which would give me fodder for 365 days.

Its an expensive affair and attracts huge cost..

I wish to confirm things below:


  1.  Will Hydroponic help cows to deliver more Fatty milk? Will FAT %age increases? Am expecting close to 3.7-4% in HF cows if hydroponic is used
  2. Will it slightly help Cows to be more healthy? HF Cows mainly
  3. Will milk increase after using hydroponic for sometime?
  4. Is it worth going for a Hydroponic plant? GREEN fodde wil cost me around 3-3.5 Rs/kg


Any suggestion in this regard will be really helpful

May go through:
Glenn Wild
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Have you considered its dry matter cost per kilo?  I'm guessing it may be as low 10% DM.  To calculate your DM cost simply divide cost by DM.

3.5 divided by .10 = 35 Rs per dry kilo.   To me this sounds high for the Indian dairy industry???  What is the Energy and Protein content of the Hydro fodder you will be growing?




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Hydroponics Fodder

We are pleased to inform you that we are winners of the World Bank’s “Development Marketplace” DM2009 award for Portable Solar/Wind Greenhouse to Grow Fodder through hydroponics system for Sustainable Dairy Farms under Climate Adaptation – Multiple Benefits category. This project was implemented in India for two years successfully with the result of higher milk fat,  20% to 25% higher milk yield in spite of reduction up to 50% in commercial cattle feed intake per cattle / buffalo helped participants by increasing their income. Animal Nutrition Department of Anand Agriculture University was an implementing agency. Please visit www.greenfield-hydroponics.com for further details. You can also communicate with us via e-mail:k.bhatt@greenfield-hydroponics.com so thatwecn send you related documents.

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Hello Glenn,

We have 15% dry matter in our fodder. Our "Hydro Fodder Farm" is techno-economically for bank finance in India and other countries without considering any grant or subsidy given to farmers.

Milk is not increasing with dry matter but with the nutritional values of the fodder / feed. In our fodder we have 29.9% Protein on dry matter bases.

Cost and economies of your hydroponic system - India

Hello Mr.Bhatt


Can you able to provide the approx cost of model GF1000 and GF500....and also provide the operational guidelines on how to use the system....

my email ID : neelim_ynk@yahoo.co.in

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