Indigenous cows fodder / Hydroponic

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Indigenous cows fodder / Hydroponic

Hello Friends,

Can someone please suggest me what is the fodder cost for a Sahiwal cow having weigh of aprox 350kgs and 6-8 Litres milk yield? What all should be included in the fodder?

If a fodder like hydroponic is included, in that case how much hydroponic should be included? Can hydroponic be a substitute for concentrated fodder?

Thank you!


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Hydroponic Fodder-Am looking for answers for

AM looking for answers for Hydroponic usage in cows.. But Hydroponic is just the replacmnt for green fodder and decreases Cattle feed by 1-2 kg/per day... CF cant be completely replaced with Hydroponic

Please follow the link: 
For Sahiwal cow weighing 350

For Sahiwal cow weighing 350 kg and having 8 ltr of Milk and 4 per cent fat following ration can be offered:

1.       Wheat Straw – 4 kg

2.       Maize fodder – 20 kg

3.        Compound cattle feed (type II) – 4 kg

4.       Mineral mixture – 80 to 100 gm per day

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