Regulations on power operated chaff cutter

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Regulations on power operated chaff cutter


As per notification G.S.R. 505 (E) dated 24 July 2007, the Government of India has specified power operated chaff cutters as a dangerous machine under the provisions of the Dangerous Machines (Regulation), Act, 1983 (35 of 1983). 

The Dangerous Machines (Regulation) Rules, 2007 notified vide Notification No. GSR 506 (E) dated 24 July 2007 contains provisions for licensing of  manufacturing as well as the standards and specifications for power operated chaff cutters.   

The rules states that a power operated chaff cutter shall comply with the standards and specifications as laid down in the second schedule. The second schedule lists the following Indian standards - IS 15542 2005 ( Power operated chaff cutter - safety requirements) and IS 11459 : 1985 (Specification for power operated chaff cutter) for power operated chaff cutter.

Modifications to existing power operated chaff cutter should be made so as to ensure that the feeding system conforms to the specifications laid down in the Third Schedule of the Dangerous Machines (Regulation) Rules, 2007.   

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Regulations on power operated chaff cutter
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