SMP Reconstitution Losses

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SMP Reconstitution Losses

I have been conducting trials on SMP reconstitution losses in recent past in different plants. My Results asserts that SMP reconstitution losses, when reconstituted in water, are in range of 1.8% to 4 % at different plants. Is there any way out I can reduce it to below 1 percent? What conditions are to be considered to restrict the losses? 

I am considering following methodology for conducting trials;


1) Using SMP of Extra Grade quality (Agglomorated having BD 0.45-0.5)

2)  Soft water to make final TS concentration around 18-20%. (We are generally using it to increase SNF content in market milk)

3) Mixing SMP using hopper and providing hydration time of 1 hour in tank

4) Final TS concentration using gravimetric method


Kindly advise how to go about to restrict the losses? What conditions to be put up to ensure SMP is getting dissolved entirely/properly.

Also request to share industry norms (or could have been the range for that matter) for SMP Reconstitution losses?

Savani Bhaudip j.
while in 1 hour hydration

while in 1 hour hydration time  you continuous agitation done and that time temperature should be kept high so may be you can reduce the losses..


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