SNF and Lacto fallen suddenly. FAT is constant. What to do?

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SNF and Lacto fallen suddenly. FAT is constant. What to do?

Hello Friends,

In last 2 days SNF and Lacto fell suddenly in my cows; however fat is constant. Any idea what might have gone wrong and what should be done to correct this issue. 

For reference, here'e the food plan that we currently follow.

Green fodder: Maize  20-25 kg.

Dry Fodder: 2-3 kg

Hydroponic Feed: 5-6 kg

Cattle feed: 6kg

Mineral mixture: 100gm


Thanks in advance!


Please provide details like milk yield (kg/day), Fat and SNF (%) values and feed items along with price so that a balanced ration can be recommended. 

Please also lets us know if any change has been done in diet/ feed item(s).

Mean wile you can also read about SNF from below mentioned link:

Modern Dairy Ma...
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Modern Dairy Machines

There may be the following reason for the fall of SNF and Lacto on the cows. Let me help you with certain facts so that you can able to understand that what exactly caused that. Milk composition is economically important to milk producers and processors and nutritionally important to consumers. It has been known for years that variations in milk composition occur; however, the composition of milk marketed nationally has been rather constant over the last 15 years, averaging 3.6 percent fat, 3.2 percent protein, and 4.7 percent lactose (Young et al., 1986). This is probably partly because of the prominence of the Holstein breed and the pricing of milk based on fat concentration. The introduction of milk pricing on a component basis and the perception by consumers that animal fats are unhealthy to have created new interest in how milk components can be altered to accommodate these emerging markets. The paper starts with a brief overview of the biosynthesis of milk components since changes in these reflect changes in the mammary gland synthesis or secretion of the component. Factors affecting milk composition such as breed, genetic variation within the breed, health, environment, management practices, and diet are then reviewed.


For SNF please do read 
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