Using Condensing unit of cold room into Dahi Incubation Room

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Using Condensing unit of cold room into Dahi Incubation Room

Dear Sir,


We wish to use condensing unit of coolers into the dahi incubation room to utilize hot air.


Now, to this, I was wondering if we keep condensing unit into the close room, is it not going to affect the efficiency of condensing unit since fresh air intake is required to absorbed the heat of the compressed gas? And more to that, theoretically, condenser would not be able to cool the gases and hence purpose left un-served.

Please enlighten me whether I am wrong or right or with bit of a modification we can use it.


Your views and comments are appreciated.

Using Condensing unit of cold room into Dahi Incubation Room

while principally the heat rejected from condensing units can be used for any other heating application but in this case following limitations shall be there:

1. The incubation room temperature maintained is higher than ambient temperature and therefore shall increase the condensing pressure of the cold room condensing unit resulting in disturbance of operation and high energy consumption

2.The heat load in incubation room is not constant and intermittent. Possibly the heat load of incubation room shall also be much lower than the heat rejected by condensing unit. Due to this the cooling operation shall be disturbed.



Ashwani Sharma
Dear Pratik,

Dear Pratik,


Efficiency of any refrigeration system is proportional to ambient temperature. It is less for higher ambient temperatures. In this case you are creating a higher ambient temperature by confining heat rejection area. However rejected heat is used in many applications now a days but this is normally from "De-super heater" section of refrigeration system. There are many vendors available in India who are providing services for this kind of applications and they also claim that extracting heat from de-super heater section is even increasing efficiency of overall refrigeration system.


This discussion found me

This discussion found me really informative. Thank you so much sharing this.

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