The breeding tract of Bachaur cattle is Sitamarhi, Dharbanga and Madhubani district of Bihar. They are also known as “Bhutia”. They are now mostly concentrated in the areas adjoining Nepal border of India, comprising Bachaur and Koilpur sub-divisions of Sitamarhi district of Bihar State. The breed has very close similarity to the Hariana breed. The breed is primarily utilized for draft qualities and ability to thrive with lower quality feeds. Common colours of Bachaur cattle is grey or greyish white. They are compact with straight backs, well-rounded barrels, short necks and muscular shoulders. The forehead is broad and flat or slightly convex. The eyes are large and prominent. The horns are medium-sized and stumpy, curving outward, upward and downward. The breed is mainly used for work and bullocks can work for long periods without any break. Average milk yield per lactation of Bachaur cow is 347 kg with an average milk fat of 5 %. The lactation milk yield ranges from 225 to 630 kg.

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Compiled by Animal Breeding Group, NDDB from Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS)- developed at National Bureau of Animal genetic Resources, Karnal, Hariana,  India.