Teat Warts

  • Teat warts are caused by virus and heifers are more prone to infection.
  • Teat warts may appear as fleshy lumps or they may be of the feathery type.
  • Teat warts are generally more of an unsightly appearance issue rather than a serious physical problem. But may hamper milking.


  • Disinfection of stalls etc, can reduce transmission.
  • The virus is thought to be transmitted by flies, so fly control is also important.
  • Teat warts can sometimes be prevented by mixing heifers with cows when they are younger.



  • Treatment is not usually required, as most warts eventually regress spontaneously.
  • Surgical removal is possible but may lead to recurrence.
  • Removal  should only be done on mature growths,  since removing warts too soon can stimulate the growth and spread the virus.
  • Large pedunculated warts can be removed slowly by tying a ligature around the base. The wart will dry up and fall off within a month.
  • Consult a veterinarian for further advice on treatment.