• A highly fatal bacterial disease affecting all farm animals.
  • Disease is characterized by high fever, respiratory distress, bleeding from orifices and sudden death.
  • Infection is due to ingestion of contaminated feed and fodder with  spores of the bacteria ,which can survive for up to 30 years in the soil.
  • Treatment is usually ineffective unless done at very early stages.
  • Humans get infection by eating infected raw meat, contact with infected animals or by inhalation of spores.



  • Regular annual vaccination of animals in endemic areas will prevent the disease from occurring.
  • Vaccination may be carried out at least a month prior to expected disease occur­rence in endemic areas.
  • Never open a carcass of an animal suspected to have died from Anthrax.
  • Contact a veterinarian immediately if the above symptoms are seen and seek advice on control measures to be adopted.

                                                Vaccinate in time to save your animal