Black Quarter (BQ)

  • An acute disease of cattle characterized by emphysematous swelling usually in heavy muscles.
  • Buffaloes usually suffer from a milder form.
  • Contaminated pasture appears to be major source of infection.
  • Healthy animals in the age group 6 months to 2 years are generally affected



  • Sudden high  fever (107ºF-108ºF)  and  the animal stops eating and ruminating.
  • Characteristic  hot   and   painful   swelling develops on loin and buttocks causing lameness.  Swelling  sometimes affects shoulders, chest and neck also. When pressed, a crackling sound is heard because of the gas accumulation in the swellings.
  • Animal dies within 24-48 hrs of appearance of  symptoms. At this juncture, swellings become cold and painless.



  • Vaccinate all animals which are 6 months and above of age annually before the on­set of monsoon in endemic areas.
  • Burning the upper layer of soil with straw to eliminate spores may be of help in endemic areas.
  • Sprinkle lime over carcass at the time of burial.



  • Treatment may be effective in initial stages of infection. However in most cases treatment is not worth the while.


                                            Get your animals vaccinated annually against BQ in endemic areas