Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

  • A highly contagious viral disease
  • Spreads through contact, contaminated water, feed and air.
  • Disease is rarely fatal for adults, however the milk production, fertility in females and draft power of males are severely impaired for life after recovery from disease.
  • Usually fatal in calves.
  • Also affects sheep, goat (usually sub-clinically and are maintenance hosts) and pigs, which are amplification hosts (multiplies the virus around 3000 fold).



  • Drastic drop in milk production and working capacity (draft animals).
  • Fever and serous nasal discharge and excessive salivation.
  • Vesicles may be seen on tongue, dental pad, lips, gums etc.
  • Vesicle in inter-digital cleft may lead to lameness.
  • Lesions on teat may lead to mastitis.
  • Loss in condition may persist even after recovery.


  • Get your animals aged 4 months and above vaccinated once in 6 months.
  • Infected animals should be immediately separated since all excretions and secre­tions from infected animals contain the virus.
  • All feed and fodder in contact with the infected animal should be destroyed.
  • All equipment used should be cleaned and disinfected with 4% sodium carbonate solution or as suggested by a veterinarian.
  • Healthy animals should not be handled by persons in contact with infected animals.
  • The infected premises should be disinfected with 4% sodium carbonate solution or the disinfectant suggested by a veterinarian.
  • Vaccinating sheep, goat and pigs would control the disease to a better extend.
  • Informing authorities promptly would enable them initiate control measures at the earliest which will help in limiting the spread of the disease.



  • Treatment is only symptomatic, the disease will run its course.
  • Emollients may be applied on lesions to soothe pain.
  • Contact veterinarian for suitable advice.


Vaccinate your animals regularly against FMD to avoid economic losses