Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)

  • An important viral disease affecting domestic and wild cattle and buffaloes.
  • There are three forms : respiratory, genital and encephalitic, the first two are more common. There is a high prevalence of this disease in India.
  • Causes abortions, ROP, moderate reduction in milk production and even death in calves. Infection can be transmitted through semen.



  • Coughing, profuse bilateral serous discharge from nostrils and pyrexia.
  • Rhinitis, conjunctivitis (one or both eyes) with profuse ocular discharge.
  • In genital form, swollen vulva with papules which later become ulcers.
  • Abortion is common at 6-8 months of pregnancy.
  • Uncomplicated cases of respiratory and genital forms usually resolves in 5-10 days. Infected animals may carry the virus throughout its lifetime.
  • The brain may be effected in calves below 6 months causing high mortality.


  • Purchase new animals only after testing them.
  • Induct only negative animals to your farm.
  • Though vaccination is a method of prevention, no vaccines are produced in India presently for IBR.
  • Consult a veterinarian immediately if the above symptoms are seen to prevent the disease from spreading.


                                    IBR is an emerging disease that needs to be controlled