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Dear Members,

I am planning to start a New Dairy Farm please guide me what step i have to take and how can i start the Farm.




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I have started newly one Dairy firm with 14 GIR COW. Please let me know the GIR COW  feed habit. . They are giving 8 to 12 ltr per day milk. Please suggest me the what feed i give them and what quantity. I am new in this.



Cow feed for milk 8 ltr per day

For cows weighing 350 kg and having 8 ltr of Milk and 4 per cent fat following ration can be offered:

1.       Wheat Straw – 4 kg

2.       Maize fodder – 20 kg

3.        Compound cattle feed (type II) – 4 to 5 kg

4.       Mineral mixture – 80 to 100 gm per day

cow feed for HF cow

i would like to know feeding regimen for HF cows giving 12-17 litres per day...weighing around 400-450kg...

i currently feed paddy straw,hydbrid napier grass(c04),compound cattle feed(type 2),mineral mixture..

what can i add or remove and what quantities do i feed them..

A 450 kg Cow yielding 15

A 450 kg Cow yielding 15 litres per day will require around 25 kg of green fodder, 4 kg of Straw, 7 kg of cattle feed (BIS type II) and 110 g of mineral mixture.

Feeding Cost

Cost of green fodder (20kg *Rs 1.5) = Rs 30    

Cost of dry fodder (2kg * Rs 5) = Rs 10    

Cost of cattle feed/ concentrate (9 kg * Rs 20) = Rs 180 

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Full Diet Plan for High Yield HF Cow (BW : 600kg Milk : 40l/day)

I have 4 low milk animals and right now planning to buy 10 high yield HF cows over 40 litre milk per day to work on breeding. So what would be total daily diet plan for this type of Cows which is economical and feasible. I was planning like this please let me know whether this is ok or not or would I change my plan to a less milk yield cow -

1) Green Fodder - 17kg

2) Silage - 12 kg

3) Dry Fodder - 4 Kg

4) Cattle Feed - 11 kg

5) MM - 150 gm

6) Gur/Sheera - 1 kg


Total - 45 kg, DM - 21 kg (appx)


I don't have a land of my own and currently I am using hydroponic fodder for green fodder in a small covered area all other things (Silage/hay/cattle feed) need to buy. In this scenario please let me know if I need to change the meal plan or need to drop the plan to buy high yield cows.


Thanks and Regards,

Subham Banerjee


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