Boiling vs pasteurization of raw milk

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Boiling vs pasteurization of raw milk

Is the pasteurization method used in dairy industry better than the boiling method used in most of the Indian household?
Is there is more nutrient loss in boiling as compared to pasteurization?

Jagadish Nayaka
Dear Shri. Sagar Yadav,

Dear Shri. Sagar Yadav,

Yes, in pasteurisation milk is heated at 63°C for at least 30 minutes or 72°C for 15 seconds and then cooling at 4°C to ensure destruction of harmful bacteria. Pasteurised milk must be stored under refrigeration all the time (≤ 4°C). Boiling of milk kills all the vegetative forms of microbes.

Heat treatment (based on time-temperature combinations) reduces the bioavailability of nutrients (vitamins & proteins) between 5 to 20%. Hence, severe/repeated heat exposures of milk to be avoided.

The process of Pasteurization

The process of Pasteurization is used to keep products free from germs

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