How to decide breed of cattle & Buffalo for particular region

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How to decide breed of cattle & Buffalo for particular region


I want to start Dairy in my home town which is in Balaghat District of Madhya pradesh state. Right now working on to gather as much knowledge as possible so can able to create final project plan before starting my dairy. To start with, i want to zero down on what breed i will use for my dairy. I searched for various type of breed and region where these breeds are prominent. There is no specific Milking Breed in Balaghat region except Galoao which is not very good for milking.

So can any one please help me how to select a specific Breed for dairy farm. Can we consider the breed like Sahiwal/Gir for my dairy by creating proper climatic condition within dairy? I am bit confused about this and hence asking this question. Your help will be highly appreciated.


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Kamalesh Harinkhede

In case of dual purpose

In case of dual purpose breeds, the cows are fairly good milkers, and bullocks are good for draught purpose. Hariana, Ongole, Tharparkar, Kankrej etc. are dual purpose breeds of cattle.

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