Milk yield of Murra Buffalo and cross breed cows

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Milk yield of Murra Buffalo and cross breed cows


I am setting up a dairy farm (work to begin in July) in my native place near Kanpur and doing lot of research in order to ascertain all parameters to ensure sustainability. Lately I have visited so many small farms and farmers and found that milk yield of Murra buffalo and cross breed cows varies a lot. Can somebody give guidance that what would be the yield of both animals with a balanced diet which would bemaintained (with enough green fodder). It would be great if I can know the milk yield starting first lactation to 4th or 5th lactation cycle. I am primarily looking to sell the milk to cooperative/private dairy hence it is very important to establish yield and other parameters to ensure profitability and sustainability.

Thebplan is to build setup for 150 livestock while starting would be with 20 Murra buffalos and 20 cross breed cows.

Any info would be appreciated.